Thursday, October 23, 2008

fire hose!

when you have 2 kids and an adventurous husband, oh yeah, and a high maintenance dog, life is not always peace and restful, and easy...but if you let yourself, there is an adventure and a story to be found in everything! So - you might know that we have a swimming pool in our yard. Most of you have probably swam in it, or at least have seen it at a party here of some sort. Well, that "wonderful" little hole that holds water...takes a lot of work to keep it, well...holding water! Last summer, we had a major leak which in turn costs major money to fix, but we thought..well, that is that and now we will just enjoy the pool for ever without any issues. (ok, i thought that, maybe mark didn't). So, towards the end of this guessed it, another major leak!!!! who has tons of money to just keep throwing at a hole in  the ground that holds water? so i am like, lets just poor a bunch of dirt in the thing and call it a day..mark is like, heck no...i am gonna fix it. so, he gives it a go! poor guy spend hours and hours and hours out there filling in cracks that both are there, and probably a few that are not! :) here is the fun part - we  found out that you can rent a FIRE HOSE from the water company to fill up your pool, instead of using a garden hose. so of course...we did. it was the talk of the neighborhood...people coming out of their houses "wow what are you guys doing?" everyone was very impressed. we finally get the thing on and flowing....YIKES!!!!! I now know why it takes more than one really strong fireman to hold one!!! I have Judah on my front, Ry looking and leaning over the pool to watch...then in a split second we realize..this thing is alive! The hose starts whipping around like and angry elephant nose or and ry are like screaming and trying to run, mark is down at the hydrant hearing this and turning it off...then, as i am saving me and the kids lives, i hit my stinking toe so hard on this dumb concrete paver!!!! it was pure chaos. mark is yelling "move, get back" i am now yelling "no, my toe hurts". End of the story..we all did live, and the pool did get filled up! so far so good, seems to not be leaking anyway! so friends, the moral of my little story is that everyone should rent a fire hose once in your life! :) you will be the talk of the neighborhood, and i am sure you have your own adventure involving near death water experiences, yelling and a lot of laughing!


saylor days said...

hi, so fun that you are blogging now! you are hilarious. i do love that you tried to tell ry she had to kill the spider! i had to kill one the other night it was pretty traumatic i'm quite phobic! why do they only show up when colin's not home i don't get it!

erin said...

oh boy!!!

meridith said...

hahahahaha, that's so hilarious. i can see it.